Top 7 Features to Look for When Purchasing a New Car


Finding the perfect car is often difficult, but knowing what you want in a car is a different story. When shopping around for a car, be sure that the vehicles you consider contain the following top features.

1. Anti-Lock Brakes

An anti-lock brake system is one of the most important safety features you should have in your car. This technology prevents your brakes from locking up in a panic situation, giving you more control over your vehicle while improving stopping distance. The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reports that anti-lock brakes reduce multi-vehicle fatal crashes by 24 percent.

2. Side Air Bags

Another important safety feature to consider is side air bags. While you’ll commonly find airbags at the front-end of the car, not all cars feature side airbags. Side airbags, however, can help better protect your head in an accident, making them an important safety feature to have in a car.

3. Bluetooth Technology

Bluetooth technology delivers a safe and convenient alternative to other technologies. You can wirelessly connect your phone to the vehicle and talk hands-free. Answer the phone with buttons on the steering wheel or by voice commands so that you never have to take your eyes off the road. But Bluetooth can do more, including:

  • Storing your contact numbers in your car’s memory.
  • Playing music from compatible devices through the car’s stereo.
  • Connecting your car to your phone’s data connection so you can download traffic data, use online searches, and more.
  • Texting via voice commands.

4. Electronic Stability Control

Electronic stability control monitors the speed, steering wheel angle, and other aspects of the vehicle to help reduce the chance of a crash. It aids in maintaining vehicle control by applying the brakes to one wheel of the car when it senses unstable conditions. In 2004, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration found that ESC helps reduce single-vehicle crashes by 67 percent in SUVs and 35 percent in passenger cars, making it an important safety feature.

5. Entertainment System

A good entertainment system is important, especially if you commute a long way to work or go on trips often. For music lovers, be sure to look at the stereo system’s quality. People with children might consider purchasing a vehicle with rear-seat DVD players to make long trips easier.

6. GPS Technology

GPS technology is one of today’s modern features that you don’t want to skip out on because it’s so useful. Not sure where you’re going? Your GPS can help you reach your destination. Not sure where you’re at? Your GPS can locate your position and get you back on the right road. Also, if you want to know about GPS ( Global Positioning System), then visit

7. Improved Fuel Economy

Before purchasing a car, it’s important to consider its fuel economy; cars with better fuel economy can help you save money on gas while offering a more eco-friendly alternative. Today, top vehicles like electric cars can receive over 100 mpge, and hybrids consistently get over 40 mpg. Check out your local Hoffman Auto dealer to find a range of cars with excellent fuel economy.

No matter what type of vehicle you want, your new vehicle should include these top features.

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