How To Eliminate Squirrels From Your Backyard?


There are generally two types of squirrels, mainly gray and flying. Both of them are omnivores and eat a variety of foods like seeds, fruits, nuts, bird eggs, and insects. They might be cute little rodents, but they can cause a lot of damage to your house if you do not take steps to prevent them from entering. We will explain how to remove squirrels from your wall, attic, and other regions of your home. Squirrels are notorious and can damage things like siding and gutters. Contact a professional for squirrel removal in Gaithersburg, MD, if you can not control them.

How to eliminate squirrels from your backyard?

Squirrels have sharp claws that help them to climb easily and can chew anything due to their teeth’ strength. They have an unquenchable appetite for food and can chew through boxes and plastics to get what’s inside. If they find something they want, they will chew them through wood trim or can leave droppings in your attic that has the possibility to cause fire hazards.

Limit access

The perfect way to limit access is to ensure there are not any openings in your home where squirrels can enter for food sources and shelter. Sealing holes in the exterior siding, metal flashing tape, and sheet metal crews with washers on the heads. Ensure there are no gaps around window frames that have the chance of squirrel entering by squeezing themselves through.

Eliminate standing water

Squirrels like water, especially if it is hot weather. Ensure no standing water is around your house–like pools and gutters that may collect in rainy water. You can also fill holes in your backyard with dirt so that squirrels cannot easily access your house or deck, where they make nests and raise young ones.

Repellants for squirrels

Many people use mothballs or ammonia to control squirrels, but the procedures can be dangerous for you and your pets. Also, they do not work effectively–squirrels just move away from the smell unless it dissipates. You cna use safer repellants like peppermint oil or blood meal.

Ultrasonic devices

These devices can deliver high–pitched sounds that make the squirrels uncomfortable. The sound waves can travel through windows and walls, so you do not have to think about getting close enough to animals to scare them away with a loud noise.


Squirrels stay away from lighted areas because they hide from predators like hawks and owls. It means if you utilize bright floodlights out of your house at night, you will probably cna keep them away.

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