Canadian French Translation: An Excellent Option for Expanding Your Business


How far do U.S. brands have to go to find international customers? While many companies seek translation services for distant global audiences in China, Turkey, and the Middle East, there are many customers available just over the border in Canada. Whether seeking translation services for software, product packaging, marketing, in-store advertising, or retail kiosks, professional document translation, or employee training material, targeting Canadian buyers can be a lucrative new market for U.S. companies in almost every consumer sector.

But wait: Don’t Canadians speak English? Why do I need translation services for Canada? If you’re unfamiliar with Canada, you may not realize that French is one of Canada’s official languages, and laws require that businesses provide both English and French translations or face stiff fines. Translation services help businesses every year reach millions of Canadians, and roughly seven million of those consumers consider Canadian French their mother tongue. Seeking translation services to help you with Canadian French translation will open your brand up to more than 20% of Canada’s population. Can you afford to ignore such a large segment of an international market?

There are many advantages to making a Canadian French translation project your first foray into a new language. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) makes doing business with Canada extremely affordable, for one. Expanding your business with Canadian French translation also takes advantage of some logistical advantages, such as minimal time zone differences. What’s more, Canadian French translation can be the springboard for further translation services aimed at other French-speaking audiences in Europe and even Africa.

With all of the rush to monetize software, apps, and the digital assets associated with online advertising, many businesses forget how much professional document translation is required to effectively do business in a new international market. Your translation services provider should bewell-experienced in this area, and may even help you organize your content prior to translation. Organizations frequently forget the role professional document translation has in producing employee training materials, package inserts, manuals, user guides, and legal and privacy documentation. Yet without professional document translation, you may fall short of serving your new customers. The last thing you want to do is neglect professional document translation and find yourself with customers ready and willing to embrace your competitors.

Beyond professional document translation, you’ll want to be sure translation services cover all of your online efforts for a Canadian French translation project. In addition to the core components of your product or service for French-speaking Canadians, you’ll need to consider Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Canadian French translation of your other online ads. This might even include your Facebook and Twitter presence for Canadian audiences. To find out more about expert language translation services available online, visit this website:

Don’t assume the need for translation services resides solely for those brands attempting to capture market share overseas. North America has a large population of buyers who will appreciate Canadian French translation.

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