Benefits of Using Bi-folding Doors


Frequently, bi-folding doors are utilised as alternatives to standard sliding door systems and regular closet doors.  For the most part, bi-folding doors are found in kitchen pass-throughs, laundry rooms and walk-in closets.  Larger bi-folding door systems are utilised as airplane hangar doors, barn doors and room dividers.

Centralised hinges are used to connect two panels to make bi-folding doors.  Typically overhead tracks are installed and the bi-folding doors are suspended from them by casters or rollers.  The inner most panel has a pull or a knob, which enables users to fold the panels together.  Then the folded doors can be pulled back, making the area behind it completely accessible.

Additionally, bi-folding doors eliminate the issue of supporting a huge overhead door in an airplane hangar or commercial garage.  The panels can be installed in a series and this makes them perfect for room dividers.  The design of the bi-folding door enables the panels to fold without having to change the orientation of the suspended rollers or casters.

However, bi-folding doors have a few drawbacks.  The process of opening and closing the doors places a lot of pressure on the tracks and casters.   There is a natural tendency to the pull door knob outwards like it is on side hinges and where bi-folding doors are concerned, this puts stress on the track.  When the central hinges in between the panels start to fold, bi-folding doors are supposed to be pushed to the side in a linear direction.  Pulling or pushing excessively could lead to the track becoming bent or the casters slipping out.

The entire assembly and installation process of Specialist Frame bi-folding doors from Liverpool is quite uncomplicated and can be done on a Saturday or Sunday morning.  The most frustrating and challenging aspect of the installation process is the putting in and adjusting all the hardware that needs to be done just right for the door to function properly.   The pivots, hinges and track must all be assembled perfectly and each placement and measurement has to be accurate in order to ensure the right fit.  When this is accomplished, the end-result will be worth the effort.

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