4 Reasons You Should Be Talking About IT Management Services


“The best way of predicting the future is creating it.” According to Peter Drucker, this is the next best thing for any successful business. As children, it’s easy to find solutions based on the predictions of a glass ball, but in reality, the tables have turned. Predicting the future is not as important as creating a sustainable one. Thus, the emergence of support services has made it possible to aid businesses in creating a sustainable future.

Can support services save the day?

In Washington, the National Archives & Records Administration conducted a research on the impact on companies without the support of IT management services. The research found that almost 93% of companies could not recover their data even after ten days of a disaster. Eventually, they filed for bankruptcy in the span of a year. Within the same time period, almost 50% of businesses without any data management or IT management services, filed for bankruptcy.

So, can we correlate IT management services with disaster recovery? Here are five reasons that make IT management services act as a critical deal-breaker in times of natural disasters or man-made ones.

  1. Preventing the loss of business customers: Can a business sustain without its customers? Not having the appropriate back-up of critical information such as that pertaining to customers, can be detrimental for business continuity. In the aftermath of a disaster, the ability to access critical data becomes imperative.
  2. Retaining credibility and goodwill: Sustaining a steady flow of business in spite of a disaster is considered the signs of a resilient business. Yet, nurturing such a reputation, in times of a disaster can be tricky. Companies that have hired data recovery services in order to implement a disaster recovery plan have managed to sustain their business goals, in spite of a disaster.
  3.  Preventing cash flows issues: When disaster strikes, an appropriate IT management services can back-up data, in order to prevent the interruptions in cash flows. Cash flow inconsistency can hamper the availability of important financial disbursements such as employee salaries, tax payments, invoice allocations etc.
  4. Preventing loss of production: Time-delays can cause critical delays in production which can create a significant loss for the company. It is possible to reduce time-delays in case disaster strikes, giving the company a competitive advantage in such times.

Data recovery services not only offer the back-up of critical business data and processes, but it also gives a competitive advantage. Taking cues from the past, one can see these services are critical for the ultimate survival of businesses.

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